CWG has offered a customized self-drive tour around Iceland for you. Come and join the activity, we cannot wait to take you to one of the most beautiful cities in northern Europe ------Iceland.

Take a drive through the Langjökull, the JÖKULSÁRLÓN Sharon Ice Lake, explore the mysterious waterfall that is rarely known, and experience the beautiful picture of the sea surface reflected by the grass, mirrors, and mirrors. In the beautiful fjord area cut by the ancient glaciers, Explore the mysterious charm of it.

CWG · Light luxury adventure

AT38 Toyota Hilux reshipment polar SUV
AT38 Toyota Hilux reshipment polar SUV
AT38 Toyota Hilux reshipment polar SUV
AT38 Toyota Hilux reshipment polar SUV
AT38 Toyota Hilux reshipment polar SUV

We are going to experience driving an AT38 reshipment polar SUV (Top Gear ARCTIC specification refitted), made by Iceland Top refitting brand ARCTIC TRUCKS. We will spend five days to finish the 1300 km south ring glaciers, Iceland, and the inland plateau areas through the route, along the way we have an elaborate plan to eat, live and safely visit the cross-country holy land that is full of ice and lava.

CWG · Top-level configuration Car

Made by Iceland Top refitting brand ARCTIC TRUCKS


AT38 Toyota Hilux reshipment polar SUV

At first glance, they look like prototypes with big tires, but in order to make sure they're structurally sound and durable, such modifications require the vehicle to be completely disassembled and refitted again with all custom parts. These unique modifications are the result of ARCTIC TRUCKS's more than 25 years of design and manufacturing experience, built by experienced engineers to exacting standards. They are comfortable and safe to drive, and can slowly pass through most of the off-road vehicles that require dangerous sprints to overcome obstacles.

Once only professionals and top media have had the opportunity to ride them - in order to complete seemingly impossible missions of reaching the destination with high-speed driving.


Former hosts of the BBC "TOP GEAR" Jeremy Clark-son and James May successfully drove the AT38 Hilux to the extreme! In the later time, they even drove the car several times to complete more crazy shooting. James May gave the evaluation of "the best off-road vehicle in the world".

Today, we have the chance to drive them to experience the beautiful place – Iceland.

CWG · Shuttle Trip

You will experience the self-driving through vast plains, glaciers, streams, canyons and visit the largest glaciers in Europe, Vatnajökull (the third in the world, second only to the North and South), and safely cross the Icelandic plateau - Hálendið – Europe largest volcano constitutes a desert no man's land.


The Golden Circle, the main destination for the traditional itinerary, is just a warm-up for the first day. The island will bring us an amazing imagination in the following days.


Our itinerary planning not only focuses on the starting point and the endpoint but also considers the different seasons of the travel destinations, to be sheltered from the sun’s harshest rays, to reach the destination within a convenient shooting period, to purchase fresh foods and drinks.

images images

Our itinerary received praise from some of the local cross-country players. We do have leaders which are elite of the local cross-country players. They carry professional skills and knowledge and also can solve most of the technical problems in the field as a mechanic. From their rich practical experiences, we have set the following destinations for you:

  • ROUTE F26 - SPRENGISANDSLEI Passes through the volcano, glaciers, lava, desert plateau crossing routes.
  • GÆSAVATNALEIÐ - A plateau mountain road with excellent scenery but challenging machinery.
  • ASKJA - Around The training area of NASA Apollo astronaut in the 1960s.
  • KVERKFJÖLL- Geothermal One of the most difficult destinations in Iceland, located in the northern part of the Vatna Glacier.
  • HOLUHRAUN - A huge magma plain, a mad landscape formed by the stacking of lava flows that have erupted several times over the years.
  • FJALLABAK - A nature reserve that is located throughout Iceland's iconic landscape, an outdoor sanctuary.
  • HÁLENDIÐ - The central plateau of Iceland, including the largest glaciers and desert on man's land in Europe.
  • STOKKSNES - A beautiful picture of the sea surface that is reflected in the grass, the beach, and the mirror.
  • JÖKULSÁRLÓN - The most famous JÖKULSÁRLÓN Sharon Ice Lake.
  • DIA DIAMOND BEACH - Diamond black sand beach.
  • Southeast Fjord - The beautiful fjord area cut by the ancient glaciers, the No. 1 road twists and turns along the coast.
  • DY DYRHÓLAEY & REYNISFJARA - The famous black sand beach near the town of Vic.
  • EYJAFJALLAJOKULL - The famous volcanoes which destroyed the entire European aviation industry in 2010.
  • ÞÓRSMÖRK - A quiet canyon and bustle, crossing the river to the foot of the volcano, there is a chalet in the beautiful place
  • SEL SELJALANDSFOSS - One of the most famous attractions on the South Coast - Sellaran Falls

The traditional essence of Iceland is also under a ‘must try’ list, according to the weather and time, we will play while walking around

  • REYKJAVIK - Reykjavik The capital of Iceland - Nordic Food, Music, Arts, and Cultural Centre.
  • LANGJÖKULL - Iceland's second-largest glacier.
  • GEYSIR - The famous geyser.
  • HJÁLPARFOSS - A little secret waterfall.
  • VATNAJÖKULL- The Vatna Glacier, Europe's largest capacity, has its own unique microclimate.

CWG · Food Trip

Icelandic cuisine is world-renowned, and the traditional Chinese stomach will be impressed by that simple and extraordinary taste!


Restaurants around the country offer a wide variety of both foreign and Icelandic dishes, inspired by the ingredients found in nature. However, the key elements of the Icelandic diet have changed very little since the country’s settlement over a thousand years ago, with the most popular dishes still being fish, lamb, and the Icelandic skyr. But modern chefs have become more imaginative, infusing new ingredients with ancient recipes. Our tour leader will assist you while you're ordering food and also, they could become chefs to cook traditional Icelandic food for you.


After summing up the experience of several years of personal tasting, we have selected the most serious chefs in Iceland and the restaurants they run, use the material like fresh catches from the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic Ocean, locally grown fertile mutton, melons and vegetables which watered by pure glacier water to cook for you.

CWG · Warm and sweet accommodation

In the city, we are going to choose the Nordic boutique hotels that are surrounded by restaurants, shopping centers, pubs, and coffee shops.


Like the Antarctic adventure huts in the news reports that remained the same as they were a hundred years ago, Icelandic huts were originally built by explorers to shelter from the rain, and the latecomers continued to add wood and nails. Each one is like a time capsule full of scenery memories of countless travelers. Unlike the Antarctic huts that have been classified as World Heritage occupants, Icelandic huts are still in a comfortable and habitable state through continuous renovations. Because of the abundant geothermal resources, most huts have unlimited Hot water supply and full kitchen and bathroom facilities are available.

Depending on the facilities available in each chalet, we will arrange cooking utensils, cutlery, bedding, and special ingredients to prepare authentic Icelandic cuisine for you! Of course, you could also showcase your cooking and prepare surprises for our dinner.


Activity time: 01/07/2020 – 30/09/2020

Trading time: 3 months from the submission date

Activity type Funding Requirements Lots requirement (only calculated forex and gold)
Standard account Advanced account
3 days self-drive $100000 1888 2888
3days self-drive+3days tour guide $150000 2888 3888
6 days VIP tour $200000 3688 4688

(Note: There will be a professional Icelandic driver drive SUV to lead you, you may experience all kinds of beautiful scenery that the normal tour can't reach. The small group is a minibus with a driver and tour guide, which will bring us a delicate custom journey. the 6 days VIP tour will be all led by self-driving SUV, and it will experience more Icelandic scenery.)

activities details:

  1. The activity is applicable for new and existing clients who hold a Standard or Advanced account at CWG
  2. The participating account could submit the application form once the one-time deposit has reached the requirement. The client needs to complete the task within THREE months from the date of submission
  3. The requirement (lots) of different account types can be found in the table, open-close position within 2 minutes is not counted. Trading lots is only counted foreign exchange and gold trading
  4. All profits earned can be withdrawn anytime. However, withdrawal of the fund before completed the task is deemed to be a waiver of the participation qualification of the activity
  5. All applications are required to send the detail name, deposit amount and Iceland activity to the specified email: [email protected], activity trade lots will be calculated after email received. Once the client completed the task and submitted the travel application, the commissioner will contact to confirm the time and itinerary (generally 1-2 months there is Iceland self-drive tour)
  6. CWG reserves the right to disqualify and any profit earned in the activity for any form of hedging or arbitrage
  7. This activity may not participate in conjunction with any activities (Except $50 bonus activity)
  8. CWG reserves the right to change the terms, and cancel the activity at any time
  9. The activity is organized by CWG Markets LTD Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), CWG reserves all rights for final explanation

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